BridgeHealth and Surgery Partners Expand Relationship to Increase Local Access to Care Amidst COVID-19

New facilities expand access to BridgeHealth orthopedic centers of excellence, making high-quality orthopedic surgeries locally accessible to 80% of U.S. population

DENVER, Colo. — BridgeHealth, the industry-leading provider of surgical advocacy and centers of excellence (COE) programs, has expanded its relationship with Surgery Partners, a leading healthcare services company with a unique outpatient delivery model that supports both patients and physicians, to provide greater access to high-quality orthopedic and other types of elective surgeries. In doing so, BridgeHealth increases support for its more than one million members, further improving much needed access for those with surgeries delayed, canceled, or postponed due to COVID-19.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, tens of thousands of elective surgeries have been delayed across the country. Thousands more individuals will likely find they need surgery before the pandemic is over, resulting in an estimated backlog of over one million elective surgeries in 2020 alone. Resuming elective surgeries is only the first step in getting members access to the care they need and guiding members to high-quality, affordable care is more important than ever. Increasing local access to outpatient facilities through the BridgeHealth program will help hundreds of patients safely access their BridgeHealth benefit.

“We know that elective surgeries often don’t feel elective to the individual, and delays such as the one created by COVID-19 can be devastating. A core focus of our efforts over the last two months has been to expand local access to high-quality outpatient surgery centers across the country to help our members safely get the care they need,” said Jamie Hall, president, BridgeHealth. “Our ability to guide members to local providers who are back online first means we can help members reschedule their surgeries – getting them the affordable, high-quality care they need as safely and quickly as possible.”

BridgeHealth provides support for the members of self-insured plans when they need planned surgery. In addition to providing high-quality care from top providers across the country at significant savings to the member and their plan sponsor, BridgeHealth delivers compassionate care coordination and support at one of the most important events in many peoples’ personal health journey – a major planned surgery. BridgeHealth also creates value for its provider partners – delivering increased patient volume, reduced administrative costs (no claims processing), and reduced patient financial liability (no bills for patients) – creating a win-win-win scenario for plan sponsors, members, and providers alike.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with BridgeHealth to provide their members in the Florida market, and across the U.S., with affordable, high-quality care,” said Shannon Yarrow, Surgery Partners’ senior vice president of managed care. “This program uniquely supports our physicians, participating facilities, and our patients by directly connecting all three groups with the solutions they need. Our physicians benefit from improved surgery flow and patient preparation, our participating facilities are able to reduce administrative costs and collection liability while improving cashflow, and our patients experience lower costs and more convenience. This agreement with BridgeHealth demonstrates our commitment as an innovative surgical care organization supporting the nationwide trend toward value-based care – a growing need, especially in the age of COVID-19.”

Throughout the pandemic, BridgeHealth has worked closely with each member faced with a delay – rescheduling surgeries wherever possible, coordinating with their centers of excellence to determine potential, local solutions should surgery be imminent, and touching base with members at regular intervals to see where they need help while they wait. BridgeHealth has also introduced mindfulness solutions and in-home PT solutions to provide added support for members while they wait.

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