BridgeHealth and Taylor Station Establish Partnership to Increase Access to High-Quality Surgical Care

Taylor Station joins BridgeHealth’s national centers of excellence panel, increasing access to affordable, high-quality surgical care for more than one million members

DENVER, Colo. — BridgeHealth, the industry-leading provider of surgical advocacy and centers of excellence (COE) programs, has expanded its national COE footprint with Taylor Station Surgical Center. The Ohio-based center of excellence, celebrated for its exceptional patient satisfaction, patient safety measures, and low complication rates, increases access to affordable, high-quality general, women’s health, and orthopedic surgeries for BridgeHealth’s plan sponsor clients and their more than one million member lives.

“Planned surgery can be a difficult experience for members. In the era of COVID, navigating the healthcare landscape, identifying providers who can deliver reliably excellent care, and managing the logistics and cost can be overwhelming. With provider partners like Taylor Station, we can bring more affordable, accessible, and compassionate high-quality healthcare to our members,” said Jamie Hall, president at BridgeHealth. “As an ambulatory surgery center, Taylor Station delivers an exceptional patient experience as well as the highest level of clinical excellence for members when a hospital setting is unnecessary; we are excited to add them to our COE panel.”

BridgeHealth provides support for the members of self-insured plans when they need planned surgery. In addition to providing high-quality care from top providers across the country at significant savings to the member and their plan sponsor, BridgeHealth delivers compassionate care coordination and support at one of the most important events in many peoples’ personal health journey – a major planned surgery. By leveraging a mix of hospital and ambulatory surgery centers to deliver the right blend of value, BridgeHealth effectively balances quality care, cost, and access to meet the unique needs of large, self-insured organizations and their individual members. Additionally, BridgeHealth also creates value for providers – delivering increased patient volume, reduced administrative costs (no claims processing), and reduced patient financial liability (no bills for patients) – creating a win-win-win scenario for plan sponsors, members, and providers alike.

“We are honored to participate in BridgeHealth’s centers of excellence programs,” said Jeffrey Turner MD, FACS, president at Taylor Station. “Taylor Station is committed to delivering excellent quality outcomes, healthcare safety, outstanding patient satisfaction, efficiency, and infection prevention. Our new partnership with BridgeHealth is well-aligned to support our efforts.”

For more information about Taylor Station Surgical Center call 614-751-4466 or visit online at To learn more about BridgeHealth visit online at

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