BridgeHealth Announces New Program to Treat Biggest Employer Cost Driver

Hinge Health-BridgeHealth partner to provide full-spectrum treatment options for musculoskeletal conditions

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BridgeHealth, a leading provider of national surgical Centers of Excellence, announced that it has partnered with Hinge Health, an innovative provider of digital care for chronic musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions — such as knee arthritis or low back pain.

Together, BridgeHealth and Hinge Health will assist plan sponsors, including large self-insured employers, tackle their largest cost driver – musculoskeletal health. Through this collaboration, innovative exercise therapy, coach-led behavioral health, education, and top-quality surgical care are coordinated to support the member’s journey, ensuring that the right treatment is delivered at the right time. For plan sponsors that means greater surgical avoidance when feasible and the best possible surgical care at bundled rate discounts when surgery is necessary. For members that means a better experience, better health outcomes and faster recovery.

“As part of our focus on quality, we want to ensure our members receive the best treatment available for their condition,” said Mark Stadler, President & CEO of BridgeHealth. “Working with Hinge Health lets us guide members who may not be ready for surgery to care that will help them improve through evidence-based methods. We’re thrilled to expand our program and to be partnering with a trailblazer like Hinge Health.”

Offered to over 1 million members nationwide, Hinge Health brings the three pillars of best-practice musculoskeletal (MSK) care—exercise therapy, behavioral health, and education—into people’s homes through a digital MSK care program that helps participants reduce chronic pain by over 60%, cut depression and anxiety rates in half, and avoid 2 out of 3 surgeries.

“Hinge Health is partnering with BridgeHealth to improve clinical outcomes and create a seamless member experience that will ensure they receive appropriate, evidence-based treatment for their MSK conditions which means both reducing the overutilization of unnecessary surgeries and the early identification of appropriate surgical need,” said Dan Perez, CEO and Co-founder of Hinge Health.

The Hinge Health program is available immediately to any BridgeHealth clients and members. To learn more about Hinge Health, visit

About BridgeHealth
BridgeHealth is a provider of value-based healthcare services that guide members to surgical Centers of Excellence nationwide. Its bundled rates allow self-insured group health plans to improve the quality and outcomes of surgery while reducing costs from 30% to 50% on average per procedure. Members are supported through concierge support, eliminating the stress of planning and preparing for surgery. Our top-level member experience is evident in our consistent 90+ Net Promoter Scores.

About Hinge Health
Hinge Health ( is pioneering digital care programs for people with chronic musculoskeletal conditions such as back or joint pain. Our market-leading technology creates a delightful participant experience by combining sensor-guided exercise therapy with health coaching and education. Founded by Oxford and Cambridge scientists, we’ve empowered thousands to conquer chronic pain, avoid unnecessary surgeries, and liberate them to do the things they love. We are avoiding 2 in 3 surgeries and significantly reducing opiate use with leading employers and health plans in America.

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