BridgeHealth Partners with eMindful to Address the Stress and Prolonged Pain of Delayed Surgeries Due to COVID-19

Mindfulness Solutions Help BridgeHealth Members Cope While Awaiting Elective Surgery

DENVER, CO and ORLANDO, FL — Tens of thousands of elective surgeries are being delayed across the country as hospitals and healthcare systems gear up to support the influx of patients with coronavirus. In many cases, members have been left without an expected surgery date or a clear plan, creating additional stress and uncertainty.

Issues such as limited mobility, chronic pain, anxiety and even depression have led individuals to choose surgery as the next step. As healthcare providers focus on treating the coronavirus, many individuals faced with a delay to their planned surgery have little support or guidance to see them through these tough times.

“We know that elective surgeries often don’t feel elective to the individual, and a delay such as the one created by COVID-19 can be devastating,” said Jamie Hall, president, BridgeHealth. “We have a decade of firsthand knowledge of the pain and stress encountered by those for whom an elective surgery is critical. That’s why we’re excited about our partnership with eMindful; it allows us to further support our members when they need help most.”

BridgeHealth is an industry-leading provider of surgical advocacy and centers of excellence (COE) programs. Their partnership with eMindful, the leading provider of live, virtual mindfulness solutions, will provide more than one million members access to mindfulness programs that address stress, anxiety and chronic pain. During this difficult time, BridgeHealth will make specific eMindful programs available to their members managing through a surgery delay at no additional cost to their plan sponsors. Solutions available include Living Well with Chronic Pain, which meets The Joint Commission requirements for a non-pharmacological pain treatment program, and Stress Less, Live More, which lowers stress and helps individuals cope with the challenges of everyday life.

“As procedures are prolonged and opioid misuse continues, we need alternative methods to manage pain and associated costs,” said Mary Pigatti, CEO, eMindful. “By partnering with BridgeHealth, we are addressing this critical need and helping individuals cope as they await their elective procedures.”

BridgeHealth continues to actively support members through COVID-19 related delays – rescheduling surgeries wherever possible; coordinating with centers of excellence (COEs) to determine potential, local solutions should surgery be imminent; and touching base with members at regular intervals to see where they need help while they wait. The evidence-based mindfulness and meditation solutions eMindful provides will give BridgeHealth members an additional resource for managing the negative effects and uncertainty of their delay.

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