BridgeHealth Partners with WebPT to Deliver Flexible In-home PT Solutions to Members During the COVID-19 Pandemic

BridgeHealth Delivers Locally Based, Virtually Accessible Physical Therapy Solutions for Members Unable to Access PT in Person Due to COVID-19

DENVER, Colo. — BridgeHealth has added prehab and rehab physical therapy support for members faced with the physical, emotional, and financial impact of a planned surgery and the significant, added burden created by COVID-19.

To better support members during an already difficult time, BridgeHealth, an industry-leading provider of surgical advocacy and centers of excellence (COE) programs, has partnered with WebPT, the leading rehab therapy software platform for enhancing patient care and fueling business growth. Through the WebPT Networks program BridgeHealth will provide members access to flexible physical therapy solutions – Flex-PT – at no additional cost to its plan sponsors and their members through Dec. 31, 2020.

“Physical therapy is an important tool for musculoskeletal health and an essential step for both pre- and post-surgery care as patients prepare for and recover from orthopedic and spine-related surgeries. COVID-19 has had a substantial impact on member ability to access brick and mortar facilities for elective surgeries and their related prehab and rehab services – creating a delay in member care,” said Jamie Hall, president of BridgeHealth. “We are excited to partner with WebPT. This partnership is an important advancement in our desire to reduce fragmentation and thus improve the healthcare experience for members who may need surgery to resolve a musculoskeletal condition.”

WebPT’s robust platform is used by more than 15,000 clinics and 83,000 rehab therapy professionals nationwide, capturing approximately 40 percent of the total rehab therapy market. BridgeHealth’s Flex-PT solution leverages this broad network to connect members with a physical therapist in their state who offers both in-person clinical care as well as online virtual care.

“Studies show only 10 percent of individuals who could benefit from physical therapy ever begin treatment, and of that 10 percent, approximately 22 percent drop out by the third visit,” said WebPT CEO Nancy Ham. “At WebPT, we’re committed to closing that gap. Together with BridgeHealth, we can connect members who need physical therapy with local, virtually-accessible physical therapy practices – improving those members’ ability to adhere to their PT programs and, ultimately, enhancing their clinical outcomes.”

Once a BridgeHealth member receives a referral, he or she receives an initial assessment and a licensed physical therapist develops a personalized exercise program that may be delivered in clinic or as a home exercise program (HEP). Members may use WebPT’s patient-facing mobile app, which lets them access their HEPs – complete with HD videos and a secure two-way messaging portal – anywhere, anytime, right from their phones. Additionally, by allowing telehealth visits for any or all visits, members can get timely treatment in a reduced-risk environment, resulting in greater care continuity, less administrative hassle, and better health outcomes. Plus, where geographically feasible, in-clinic visits still allow for high touch-care should members need or desire it.

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