Our Clients

BridgeHealth helps all of our clients save through:

Proven member engagement programs

An exclusive, top-rated group of providers

Innovative case rate pricing


Predictability in future surgical claims costs

Plan member-focused Care Coordination support

We work with the following groups:

Self-Insured Companies

Taft Hartley & Union Plans

Government & Education Groups



TPAs & Consultants

Health Captives

BridgeHealth has worked with a wide range of clients and groups—and made a big difference. Here’s what plan members and plan sponsors have to say about BridgeHealth.

Charlotte, BridgeHealth member

Fred Brown, Executive Director, Pacific Health Coalition

In the time since the Health and Welfare Board of Trustees hired BridgeHealth, our Health and Welfare Plan has realized remarkable savings! By using BridgeHealth for our surgical procedures, our plan has experienced $423,286 in savings since 2013. As Chairman of the plan, I will continue my efforts in finding the best quality care available in the market with added value for our plan members and family. I think we’ve done that with BridgeHealth.

-Chairman, Alaska Teamster-Employer Welfare Trust

This last year we saved over $1.2 million, and more than 75% of our members used the program for their covered surgeries. BridgeHealth truly white gloves members through the process, schedules everything, and arranges a second opinion on request, so members can learn whether an alternative treatment option may help their condition.

-Executive Director, Municipalities, Colleges, Schools Insurance Group

I found BridgeHealth easy to use. They took care of all details, making it a wonderful experience! My Care Coordinator responded quickly and went out of her way to help me. BridgeHealth is excellent and I would recommend them to a friend.

-BridgeHealth Plan Member

I decided to use BridgeHealth because I liked the idea of having someone assist me with everything so that I could move forward with my procedure. Having a Care Coordinator to get me through the process was a big help and made it worth it, especially because she was so caring and knowledgeable. BridgeHealth made the process less tedious on me. I would definitely recommend BridgeHealth to a friend.

-BridgeHealth Plan Member

My Care Coordinator was great! He answered all my questions, and he didn’t get frustrated when I asked the same questions over and over. He set everything up and made sure it was all in order before I left. BridgeHealth is an amazing service. I am truly grateful and feel blessed that everything has been taken care of. Thank you.

-BridgeHealth Plan Member

I contacted BridgeHealth because I was excited about going to a highly rated medical facility. My Care Coordinator went above and beyond to assist me throughout the process. He was very polite to us, and he carried through on his plans each step of the way. He was professional, courteous, and patient! Everything fell into place before the surgery, and all has gone well since then.

-BridgeHealth Plan Member

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